Students, brown belt through second degree black belt, are exposed to staff (bong), dagger (dan gum), and sword (jang gum) through hyung (forms) and basic technique practice as part of the World Tang Soo Do Association standard practice.


Master Molinaro has traveled and trained in edged and flexible weapons for almost twenty years with Master's Michael Kaye (of State College, PA) and Scott Homscheck (of Pittsburgh, PA). These Masters also present a three day seminar dedicated exclusively to knife fighting and rope defense called The Warrior's Path, which Master Molinaro has attended since it's inception. Senior students at Tang Soo Do of Central New York can practice with Master Molinaro and the senior instructors in these techniques, and eventually, may themselves be invited to the The Warriors Path.

For more information, background, and practice of The Warrior's Path, please visit:

Warriors Path