Meditation is a multifaceted aspect of Tang Soo Do. Its directions and purposes can be limitless. However, with practice, it can be simple as a thought or a breath. It is as natural as daydreaming. Many people are attracted to its relaxing affect, but there are many more uses. We can meditate to bring ourselves up. We can meditate to detect hidden truths within our environments, or within ourselves (through a layer stripping technique the Buddhists call bare attention). Mostly, martial artists use it to achieve balance (among themselves, others, or situations).

The students at Tang Soo Do of Central New York practice meditation on a regular basis. It is our belief that one cannot handle life's challenges without a proper frame of mind. Our paths can be a rocky road with a clouded mind. Even though there are many aspects and benefits from meditation itself, the student also uses it as a tool for Ki Gong practice. Please see our Ki Gong page for further insights!