Ki Gong

No matter how you see it, Ki, Qi, Chi, or Hara, you are looking at the subject of internal energy. Internal energy can be used in several ways, including medical (self-healing, or healing others), and martial (self-defense) applications. Master Molinaro practiced for twenty five years under the guidance of Master John B. Beam in the mental aspects of ki gong, and for the past decade in the physical aspects under the guidance of Grandmaster Jae C. Shin.

The students at Tang Soo Do of Central New York are exposed to and practice ki gong right from the beginning of their training! Energy awareness, generation, detection, and projection through age-old techniques are an integral part of the student experience. It is imperative for any martial artist to strive for mental and physical balance. As much as these elements must be in harmony with each other, they must be in balance within themselves. Mental cleansing and alignment are as important as internal physical stimulation, alignment, and energy cleansing.

Ki gong practice is part of Tang Soo Do's Whole Person Concept, which is leads to the enhancement of mental and physical betterment!

Grandmaster Shin: "...the outside is limited, but the inside is limitless..."