Chief Instructor Bio

Master Michael A. Molinaro is founder, owner, and chief instructor of Tang Soo Do of Central New York. He is a thirty year veteran of the martial arts community. Master Molinaro started his career in 1980. He attended classes in self defense and Tae Kwon Do, until he met Master John Barry Beam in Lancaster, PA. Master Beam is one of the founding fathers of the World Tang Soo Do Association (WTSDA), and could be called the "martial artist's martial artist." He is skilled in Tang Soo Do, Hapkido, Ninjitsu, Ki Gong, Black Tiger Kung Fu, Hypnotism, and several weapons. Needless to say, many of these elements were packed into Master Molinaro's training. No two classes were the same, and the training was tough. But the (then) young student Molinaro soaked it up like a sponge.

In addition to Master Beam's intense training, Master Molinaro happened upon Master Stan Hart from Mansfield, OH. Master Hart offered a unique approach to self defense, refining ancient techniques and methods (originally taught at the Shuri Village in Okinawa). Master Hart, an accomplished Shotokan practitioner, learned many of these techniques from Taika Oyata from Okinawa. From there Master Hart continually perfected his techniques and methods, and had select proteges such as Master Molinaro. These techniques and methods were not easily grasped, but Master Molinaro endured to reach a skill level shared by few.

In time, Master Molinaro traveled extensively to work with several great Masters, and trained directly with Grandmaster Shin himself. He went on to receive many awards (such as a Grand champion trophy, and the WTSDA Round Table award for dedication). He has served on the WTSDA building committee, and is currently WTSDF Scholarship chair for the entire US. In time, he reached the rank of fifth degree black belt and title of "Ko Da Ja - Sr. Master" in Tang Soo Do, and seventh degree black belt in Shurite Kempo Technique, and the title of Chief Instructor of the Shurite Kempo Technique Association.

Master Molinaro, in addition to his regular classes, presents an annual self defense seminar called "The Guard," drawing students from a five state radius!